Made in Britain

Much manufacturing is leaving the UK and a large majority of the products we use as a society are manufactured in China. However, it does not have to be that way if people choose to buy British goods. However, it is often hard to find British businesses, but when you do you have that added reassurance that you are buying quality and supporting the British economy. We are pleased to say that the horse feeders on our site are British manufactured horse feeders.


UK Manufactured Horse Feeders

The horse feeder products that are featured on our website are both designed and manufactured in the UK. The two featured products on our website are the All In One Feeding Station and the Hay Saver. Both of these products are designed and manufactured in Nottinghamshire by Parallax Plastics who have been manufacturing British products for over twenty years. The design of both these products has come about through the designers experience with horses and a realisation that there is a more efficient way to feed your horse. Both the Hay Saver and the All In One Feeding Station are designed to reduce hay wastage and encourage natural healthy eating.

The All In One Feeding Station

The All In One Feeding Station is both designed and manufactured in the UK. It is a corner plastic horse feeder that has room for two buckets as well as a small bale of hay. This clever design eliminated the need for additional buckets in the stable which removes the danger of trapped hooves and broken buckets. The All In One Feeding Station also reduces the amount of hay that can be wasted when stuffing hay nets. This British Manufacturer product is made from impact resistant, food safe non toxic polyethylene.

As well as the All In One Feeding Station and the Hay Saver we retail both pony and horse feeders. Theses hay feeders are again manufactured in the Uk and are available in a choice of colours. They are manufactured from High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

Why Buy British Horse Feeders?

  • *Support British Companies
  • *Quality
  • *Keep production in the UK
  • *Reduced the environmental impact of buying products oversea
  • *Help to raise awareness of British Products
  • *Help to boost the UK economy
  • *Patriotic