If you are looking for a slow feeder for your horse the Hay Saver could be exactly what you need. The Hay Saver has been designed in the UK to be exactly that – a slow feeder for horses. The Hay Saver can be used in the field and gives the horse continuous access to hay, whilst limiting the amount that they can eat. The grate on the top of the Hay Saver means the horse can only remove a small amount of hay each time, thus reducing the speed that they eat. The grate on top of the Hay Saver serves two purposes. Firstly it reduces the amount of hay the horse can eat and one time and secondly it reduces hay wastage, as it stops the hay from being blown round the field. The clever design of the Hay Saver has been developed by an equine enthusiast who has used personal experience to develop something that really works. The Hay Saver is the first slow feeder to be manufactured in the UK.

Slow Feeders for Horses

 Slow Feeders for Horses - The Hay Saver     Slow Feeders for Horses - The Hay Saver

Horses naturally are design to trickle feed, instead of eating a couple of large meals. The Hay Saver promotes this kind of healthy eating as well as allowing the horse to eat at a natural level. By allowing your horse to feed from a slow feeder you can help prevent cribbing, ulcers, weaving, chewing, & feed aggression. Horses stomachs are constantly producing acid so they need to trickle feed to help the stomach digest and eliminate the risk of these health problems.

Slow Feeders – Reduce Hay Wastage

Traditionally many horses have been fed hay directly on the floor, so they have constant access to hay. However, this is often a costly way of feeding a horse as the hay quickly gets pulled out by the horses and before you know it, it has been spread across the field or trampled on. By using a slow feeder for your horse you can drastically reduce hay wastage. We estimate that the Hay Saver can reduce hay wastage by up to 50%, compared with feeding directly on the floor. This has got to be good for both the horse and your pocket!

Hay Saver – Slow Feeder

The Hay saver is manufactured in the UK from tough, frost resistant food grade plastic. It has a huge 250L capacity and is big enough for two horses to feed from. It can be used either in the field or in the stable. It has a removable grid, which can be removed for inserting the hay. Also if removed the Hay Saver can double as a water trough or a hay soaker.

Slower Feeders for horses have had great success is America and the Hay Saver is now the first slow feeder for horses that is manufactured in the UK. It is available in a choice of colours (Black, Green, Blue) and we offer free UK mainland delivery. We aim to process your order the same working day that it is received and delivery should be the next day (depending upon the time your order was placed). If you have any questions about these slow feeders for horses please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be only too happy to help.