Product Description

Healthy – Challenging – Entertaining

A new innovative way to feed your horse its daily forage intake. The Hay Play simulates a natural grazing position and is suitable for use indoor or outdoor for horses or ponies. It’s spherical shape allows the Hay Play to be freely pushed around, but it won’t run away down a slope.  The Hay play can also be used as boredom buster without having to feed your horse or pony any additional hard feed. Ideal for horses on box rest, laminitis, starvation paddocks, small / sand paddocks.

It is manufactured from tough thick plastic and is available in a choice of colours.

As standard, the Hay Plays come with 75mm holes, however, they are also available with smaller 50mm holes which is recommended for Miniatures and Shetlands. Please contact us for more information on 0115 9893597.

Hay Play Features

  • Stuff with hay, soaked hay or haylage
  • Watch your horse work for its forage
  • 12 x 75mm holes for eating from.
  • 40 cm circumference
  • Large hatch for easy access for owner.
  • FREE delivery in England & Wales

Colours Available: Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green & Black.



  • Will all the hay drop out when the Hay Play rolls?

Some smaller parts of hay might drop out it is much easier for your horse to eat from the Hay play with longer stemmed hay.

  • Will it collect mud & sand as the Hay Play rolls?

No, because the holes are recessed it will be hard for mud or sand to get inside.

  • Can It be easily crushed?

NO, the surface of the Hay Play may get scratched but it will not crack or buckle under pressure.

  • My horse is very destructive will it be ok?

We can’t promise all horses or ponies will get on with the hay play, however it is designed to withstand kicking (by shod or unshod horses) and to be kept outside. We would love to hear how you get on. We recommend you keep an eye on your horse during the first couple of hours whilst it becomes accustomed to the hay play.

  • Can I use haylage?

Yes, you can use hay, soaked hay or haylage.

  • What type of horses can use this?

The Hay Play is suitable for all breeds. The holes are designed to be large enough for the animals to grab hay but not large enough to fit a hoof inside, there are 12 holes that are all 75mm wide (7.5cm).

  • What happens if my horse breaks the lid?

Do not worry as you can purchase a replacement lid here:

The lids come in two versions, so please ensure that you purchase the correct lid for your Hay Play.

It is your responsibility to ensure this product is suitable for you horse and ensure the lid remains on the product at ALL times.


Please Note: We can only deliver to the United Kingdom. Free delivery applies to mainland UK only, please contact us before placing your order if you are outside of mainland UK. Surcharges may apply for Northern Scotland/Northern Ireland and Scottish Highlands/Islands.