If you run a stables the chances are that you may need more than one Hay Saver or even a trade pack. If you require more than 5 Hay Savers please contact us and we can forward you a trade pack price. The Hay Saver is a great new product that was released for sale in 2013 and since it’s launch has been doing extremely well. The Hay Saver featured on our site is the first slower feeder to be manufactured in the UK. It is made from strong, frost resistant food grade plastic and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures. If you wish purchase more than one Hay Saver just enter the voucher code haysaver10 into the coupon box and £10 will be taken off your order. This offer is valid till the end of February 2014.

Hay Saver – Slow Feeder

As mentioned above the Hay Saver is the first slow feeder to be manufactured in the UK. It is designed to be used out in the field and helps to reduce hay wastage. Compared to feeding directly on the floor the Hay Saver reduces hay wastage by up to 50%, thus saving you money. It will also slow the horse down when they eat, which is ideal for greedy horses. The Hay Saver features a removable grip which stops the hay from being blown around the field, but ensure the horse always has access to the hay. The removable grid is easy to take off and then fill with hay. The Hay Saver has a massive 250L capacity so is plenty for two horses.

The Hay Saver has also been designed to promote healthy eating as it ensures the horse eats at a natural level. It is safe to use for both shod and unshod horses and is designed to avoid trapped hooves. As well as being a slow feeder it is also possible to remove the lid and use it as a water trough or a hay soaker.

Hay Saver Features

  • *Massive 250L Capacity large enough for two horses
  • *Safe for shod or unshod horses, avoids trapped hooves
  • *Manufactured from TOUGH, frost resistant food grade plastic
  • *The 1st Slow Feeder to be made in the UK!!
  • *Encourages healthy eating and allows horses to eat at a natural level.
  • *Helps prevent cribbing, ulcers, weaving, chewing & feed aggression
  • *MASSIVE Success in the USA
  • *Available in Green, Black, Blue or Pink (pink in quantities of two only)
  • *Weight 10kg (approx)
  • *Size: 75cm x 110cm x 55cm

Horse Hay Saver Voucher Code T&C’s

£10 will be discounted from your order when you purchase two or more Haysavers. To obtain the discount just enter the voucher code haysaver10 into the coupon box when you checkout. Offer expires 28th February 2014.