Crocodile Web Group would like to wish all our customers a Happy New Year. The Christmas break was a great chance for us to recharge our batteries after a busy lead up to Christmas. We are now fully charged and ready for an exciting 2014. There were many Haysavers and All in One Feeding Stations that were purchased in the run up to Christmas, so I am sure there are some very happy horses out there! We love to hear feedback from our customers on our products so if you have purchased a Haysaver or an All in One Feeding Station from us we would love to know your thoughts and see your photos.


The Haysaver in green was probably one of the most popular Haysavers in 2013. It has had great success in America and our Haysaver is the first slow feeder to be manufacture in the UK.  The clever design of the Haysaver means that it helps to reduce hay wastage. If you compare  using the Haysaver to directly feeding on the floor it is likely, that on average, it will reduce your hay wastage by about 50%. This has got to be good for your pocket. As well as saving on hay wastage the Haysaver also promotes healthy eating in your horse. It has a massive 250L cpacity so it is big enough for two horses and allows your horse to eat at a natural level. Filling the Haysaver is easy. Simply lift out the grid and insert your hay. It can also be used a water trough or hay soaker.

All in One Feeding Station

The All in One Feeding Station has been designed so that it will hold a small bale of hay as well as two buckets, which can be use for feed, minerals or water. The All in One Feeding Station ensures your horse is eating at a natural level helping to promote a healthy respiratory system. As the buckets are safely secured in the All in One Feeding Station, and not on the floor you are eliminating the risk of trapped hooves, broken buckets and wasted feed.

Horse Feeders in 2014

As both the All in One Feeding Station and the Haysaver are relatively new products were are looking forward to 2014 and are sure they will prove even more popular going into 2014. If you need any more information on any of our horse feeding products please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.