With the benefits of slow feeding for horses being well documented there has been great interest in our Hay Saver, the slow grazer for horses. If you are looking for a slow grazer for your horse then the Hay Saver might be just the answer. Our Hay Saver is the first UK manufactured slow feeder and it has had great results. The hay Saver has been designed to be used in the field and is manufactured from TOUGH, frost resistant food grade plastic. It is also heavy, so not likely to be blown around the field. It has a large 250 L capacity so it is big enough for two horses to graze from. As well as being a slow grazer for horses, you can also use the Hay Saver as a water trough or hay soaker. It comes with a removable grid, which you lift to fill the grazer with hay. The grid then moves down as the horse grazes on the hay. This ensures that the horse has constant access to hay, but can only eat small amounts at one time.

Horse Slow Grazer Benefits

The Hay Saver is a slow grazer for horses that has a great number of benefits. The Hay Saver, takes a bale of hay which is held in the grazer so, hay is not blown away, trampled on, or urinated on. This has a direct impact on your hay bills. The Hay Saver can save you up to 50% on your hay bills compared to feeding directly on the floor. A slow grazer will also slow down your horses consumption of hay. Using the Hay Saver the hay should last around 2-3 times longer and it will replicate grazing. This also means that when the hay is in the Hay Saver, the horse has constant access to hay, which helps to prevent stomach ulcers and colic. Also, the Hay Saver can help to prevent eye injuries as the horse is not putting his head inside a round bale or throwing the hay around.

Great Reasons to buy the Hay Saver – a Slow Grazer

  • 1 Reduces hay wastage -Stops hay getting trampled on and blown away
  • 2 Gives your horse constant access to hay
  • 3. Slows down hay consumption and replicates grazing
  • 4. Enures your horse eats at a natural level
  • 5 Health Benefits – prevents stomach ulcers, ribbing, weaving, & colic
  • 6 Free UK delivery

If you have any questions about our slow grazer, please feel free to contact us. The Hay Saver comes with free UK delivery and in a choice of colours.