The Hay Saver is a new horse hay feeder for 2013 and if you buy two we will give you a discount of £10. To claim your £10 discount simply add two Hay Savers into your cart and enter our horse feeder voucher code haysaver10 into the coupon box when you checkout. Providing you have two or more products in your cart £10 will automatically be taken off your order.

Hay Saver Hay Saver Hay Saver

The Hay Saver is the first slow feeder to be made in the UK. The Hay Saver is manufactured from TOUGH, frost resistant food grade plastic by Parallax Plastics, who are based in Nottingham. The Hay Saver is designed to be used in the field and helps to promote healthy eating and minimise hay wastage. We estimate that compared to feeding directly on the floor the Hay Saver can reduce hay wastage by up to 50%, thus saving you a large amount of money on your hay bills.The Hay Saver is designed with a movable grid that fits on top of the hay to prevent it blowing round the field. The grid is easy to remove for filling and cleaning, it just lifts out like a lid.

Multi Functional Hay Saver

The Hay Saver is a multi functional product and can be used as a slow feeder, a water trough or a hay soaker. Many customers use it as a slow feeder in the winter and a water trough in the summer. It can be used in both the field and stables and has a huge capacity of 250L so is big enough for two horses to feed from. It is perfectly safe for shod and unshod horses and designed to prevent trapped hooves. The Hay Saver weighs around 10kg so will not blow round the field.

Hay Saver Features

  • *HUGE 250L Capacity large enough for two horses
  • *Manufactured from TOUGH, frost resistant food grade plastic
  • *Safe for shod or unshod horses, avoids trapped hooves
  • *Promotes healthy eating and allows horses to eat at a natural level.
  • *Helps prevent cribbing, ulcers, weaving, chewing & feed aggression
  • *MASSIVE Success in the USA
  • *The Hay Saver is the 1st Slow Feeder to be manufactured in the UK!!
  • *Available in Green, Black, Blue or Pink (pink in quantities of two only)
  • *Total weight 10kg (approx)
  • *Size: 75cm x 110cm x 55cm

Horse Feeder Voucher Code T&C’s

The £10 discount only applies if you purchase two or more Hay Savers at the same time. To quality for the discount simply enter the voucher code haysaver10 into the coupon box when you checkout. Offer expires on Wednesday 6th November 2013.