The Hay Saver is an equine slow feeder that is the first slow feeder to be manufactured in the UK. This equine slow feeder gives your horse access to forage round the clock, 24 hours a day. The Hay Saver, is a slow feeder that can be used in the field or in the stable. Allowing horses to graze on pastures is the traditional way of slow feeding. However, times have changed and an equine slow feeder is a great alternative. The Hay Saver is a slow feeding solution that promotes healthy eating and allows the horse to eat at a natural level. An equine slow feeder is designed to give a horse constant access to hay, whilst at the same time limiting the amount of hay that they can eat. The Hay Saver has been designed in the UK by an equine enthusiast and is a great alternative to a hay net.


Hay Saver – An Equine Slow Feeder
A horse’s system is design to have food constantly moving through it. Horses are trickle feeders and need to constantly eat rather than having a couple of large meals. If they can not trickle feed they can not combat the acid that their stomach is constantly producing which leaves them prone to burning gastric acid and insulin spikes. Feeding your horse from an equine slow feeder can help prevent health problems such as cribbing, ulcers, weaving, chewing, & feed aggression.

Reasons to Use an Equine Slow Feeder
There are many benefits to using the Hay Saver, or another type of equine slow feeder: The first is a cost reason, it stops hay from being wasted. If the hay is in the slow feeder, it is not being trampled on or blown round the field. It is thought that you can save up to 50% on your hay bills by using a slow feeder, compared to feeding directly on the ground. The Hay Saver is designed to slow down how quickly a horse consumes the hay, making it last longer. The height of the Hay Saver also ensures that the horse is eating at a natural level.

5 Great Reasons to use an Equine Slow Feeder

  • 1. Saves on hay wastage
  • 2. Saves money on hay bills
  • 3. Ensures horse is eating at a natural level
  • 4 Quick & Easy to fill – no more hauling hay nets
  • 5. Constant access to hay help helps prevent health problems